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Are you the type of person that seeks to challenge your beliefs, which only makes them stronger, or do you simply seek to reinforce your beliefs, which only makes them pointless? If you are more of the former rather than the latter, then you have come to the right place.

Points to Ponder is my thought experiment web book. Here I'll relate many observations that I have on life for you to contimplate. I have been converting liberals to conservatives for over two decades, so I have amassed quite a take on things that I don't see expressed elsewhere. Many people have asked me to write a book about these things, but rather than doing something that would be fixed at a particular time in my life, I'd like to provide something that can be modified as my opinions grow.

The book menu along the side will allow you to jump to whatever interests you the most, but I wrote this with the intention that it be read in order, as some concepts are built on previous ones.

In no way should you construe that I am telling you what I believe to be right or wrong, because I can't. It's not possible. As you will come to understand (as opposed to my telling you), what you will get out of here – as in life in general – is based on what you bring to it.

Allow me to restate that last paragraph. In spite of the impression you will get as you read this book, it's not about me pontificating on things political and religious. Whether you agree or disagree with what I write says nothing about me, but everything about you. (Although, if you have any comments, questions, complaints, or simply wish to hurl your derision at me, feel free to do so at allengil@freeshell.org) So the real objective of this web book is to give you an opportunity to find out about yourself. Pondering the points I'll present you will help you understand why you believe what you believe.

Finally, if you are easily offended, then go no further, for you will be offended. This site is not for the Kool-Aid drinkers of the left or the right, but only for those that believe both sides are full of s#!&, and want to find their own path in life... ...not that I claim you will find it here.

¿PtP? Devil's Advocate

I'm not big on monologues, so interspersed throughout this web book's pages will be comments, questions and denunciations from my Devil's Advocate. The text of which will appear thusly:

DA: I resent being likened to the Devil.

Well, that's your lot in life.

DA: Just because someone has to keep your ego in check, that's no reason to liken them to fictional evil deities. Besides, you're only using me as a literary crutch because you're terrible with transitions.

I may have some interesting points to make, but I'll never claim to be a good writer.

Web Book Overview

Are You Good Or Evil?    Would you say that a fundamental principle in life is to aspire to be good? I would, yet there is no consensus on what it means to be good, nor who else is good. Here I'll lay the ground work that will take the rest of this book to develop on what it means to be good, because without that consensus, the only outcome is evil.

What Are Words For?    I see a lot of words being passed back and forth between people who disagree, but I don't see a lot of understanding taking place. This page is only for those who are interested in understanding what others believe that disagree with them.

Economics 101    I truly believe that what drives most liberal thinking is their lack of understanding in things economical. I even find the concept of a liberal economist to be an oxymoron. Nothing sabotages what liberals claim to want more than their misunderstanding of the free market.

Greedy Corporations & Other Liberal Lies    Isn't it amazing how liberals can shaft our economy, and then get away with blaming capitalism when our economy goes into a recession?

This Is Not Our Founding Fathers' Country    The country our Founding Fathers established over two hundred years ago no longer exists. Many liberals believe this is a good thing... if only they had the courage to state it.

Pro-Life Marriage    Are you one of those people that think that men and women are interchangeable and that children do not need both a mother and a father in their lives? If so, then you would be a heartless bastard to not support gay marriage. On the other hand...

Are You A Slave?   Freedom is not about getting your way, and it often leads to slavery when you do. Freedom is never free, and it will cost you dearly to keep it. If this seems contradictory to you, then you are most certainly a slave.

Politics & Religion Are Inseparable    Anyone who states that there is a conflict between politics and religion demonstrates that they understand neither. They are as inseparable as the two sides of the same coin. Until you can marry the two concepts properly in your mind, both of them will harm you.

Pro-Life Christian   Here I attempt the most foolish thing known to man, and that is to explain my religion. As an example, when I say I am a Pro-Life Christian, I don't mean what those words do mean, I mean what they should mean. And if that statement doesn't sound foolish to you, then I don't know what would.

The Path Of Enlightenment   This page has nothing to do with the usual psycho-babble spouted by those who claim to understand enlightenment. What it is, I make no claim to have acheived, yet there is a path, and hopefully I can help you along.

¿PtP? History

Web Book Launch - 18 Feb 2010

On this day, I am posting the first four pages.

Web Book Update - 28 Nov 2010

Here are the pages I am posting today.

Web Book Update - 28 Oct 2013

As the old saying goes, better late than never. Here are my final pages (at least for now).


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